Being naked is the most desirable way to be. Preferably in a place you feel free to do as you wish. Having a piece of clothing like Laela Ryiah has in White Dress might be even better. Very short, flimsy, soft and subtle, more like a perfume than like a fabric. When I see her nips looking half out of the dress-y appearance I know exactly what a wonderful feeling she has on her body with that delicate cloth. Every move will make her feel her body at the sensitive spots. Not like a tickling. Like a caressing. And when she already is in a carefree, tender mood, this will heighten her sensuality until she reaches the moment when she must feel her fingers on her body to make her experience what the dress is only giving to her as a glimpse. As a connoisseur in feeling her own body she is experienced in prolonging the arrival of this moment.

As a connoisseur of photography you don’t have to envy Laela Ryiah for her time in and with the dress all too much. You know that watching her through the eyes of a camera you will get your own delight, not as perfect as what Laela feels, but pretty close, if you are an empathetic being. Loving visual erotic art makes it very likely that you are a compassionate watcher. And joining art on magazine proves you to be a lover of art of exquisite taste. Altogether this makes you in for having a great time with White Dress, and if you feel the pictures as much as a caressing of your soul as Laela feels her white dress as such, you will feel the same sensation on your own skin and I recommend you to take her as your role model when you ask yourself how to ease up the growing lust in your own body. When you are at a place where you feel free to do as you wish, just feel your own sensation on your skin.