She’s the one who will be the only one. That became totally clear to me when I saw her pictures. With watching the first one I knew I must be held back to ever see her again, or I’ll be lost to this wonderful world of beautiful women. When she looks into my eyes, talks to me or just moves, when she smiles or adjusts her clothes, when she bends her head back to her neck and when she sends me a very serious look I get a clear vision of what might happen next. She will stand up, leave the room and I will go with her. And I will never find great words for any other woman than her again. Frederika Leenala is the one.

Did you ever meet someone who seems to fill the room with her charisma? Who can’t be ignored, compared or put into perspective? Because she’s absolute in being present? Not? Yes, go on. Watch the set again. Frederika is exactly that. Maybe she even would share you with someone else, but I couldn’t. Being with her means being lost to any other woman forever. And so, if you don’t hold me back from meeting Frederika, this would be the end of writing blog posts for magazine. But I know that you can’t have it all. The woman or the world? What will it be? I already know. I always choose the woman. The world might go down, my love for a woman stays forever. Mmmm, Frederika!